Creating Info part & Cue Part (Fact Boxes) in Ax 2012

Hi today I’m going to explain you about how to create Info part & Cue Part (Fact Boxes) in Ax 2012.
In this example we are going to take
Two Tables: CustInfo & TransInfo
EDT :CustId
Queries: CustTransInfoPartQuery
Info Part: CustTransInfoPart
Menu Item: CustTransMI
Note: CustId in both tables is an EDT CustTrans have an relation as shown below:
To create Query
Make sure you set Dynamic Property set to yes to get all fields into data source & also

Set relation as yes in TransInfo_1 Data Source.

To Create the Info Part

  1. In the AOT, click Parts, right-click Info Parts, and then click New Info Part. A part is added to the Info Parts node.
  2. 3
  3. Click the new info part. In the property sheet, click the Name property and specify a name that uniquely identifies the info part.
  4. Click Query and then select the query to use to obtain the data fields for the part.
  5. Click Caption, and then select the label. This label will appear in the title bar of the FactBox.444444
  6. Click Layout. In the property sheet, click ShowMore and then click Yes. This property adds More as a link at the bottom of the FactBox.
  7. Click ShowMoreDataSource and select a data source. The FormRef property of the main table of the selected data source specifies the form that opens when you click the More link in the FactBox.
  8. To organize the data fields that appear in the FactBox, add one or more groups to the info part. To add a group, right-click Layout, and then click New Group.
  9. For each group in the Layout node, click the group and supply values for the following properties
  10. Each group in the info part must have one or more data fields. To add a field, right-click the group, and then click New Field. For each field you add to a group, click the field, and then supply values for the following properties.    5
  11. Right-click Actions, and then click New Action.
  12. Click the action, click the Name property, and then enter a name that uniquely identifies the action.
  13. Click the MenuItemType and select the type of menu item associated with the action you want to perform. For example, click Display to select from the menu items listed in the Menu Items > Display node of the AOT.

Creating Menu Item:
6Click MenuItemName and then click the menu item that you want to use.
7Right-click the info part and then click Save.
Create a form as shown below :
Rename the form & add Data source
9In designs -> design -> Grid add CustId & CustName to show in the Form
Place the CustTransMI Menu Item into parts section of form & change properties as shown
10Here you go the output screenshot

For Cue & Cue Group

Have a nice day..


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