Form Templates In AX

Below are the Form Templates widely in ax 2012.
Lets look at this now..

  • ListPage
  • DetailsFormMaster
  • DetailsFormTransaction
  • SimpleListDetails
  • SimpleList
  • TableOfContents
  • Dialog
  • DropDialog

Let us look at these in more details.

ListPage – A list page is a form that displays a list of data related to a particular entity or business object. A list page provides provisions for displaying data and taking actions on this data. Every module has at least a couple of list pages. List pages are further classified as primary and secondary list pages. A secondary list page will only display a subset of data from the primary list page. Example, CustTableListPage, VendTableListPage, ProjProjectsListPage. Best practice is to have ListPage as a suffix in the name of the form for all list pages.

DetailsFormMaster – This template is used for forms which displays data for stand-alone entities or business objects. Example, Customers, Vendors, Projects etc. If you look at the forms for these, i.e., CustTable, VendTable, ProjTable, their style property will be set to DetailsFormMaster.

DetailsFormTransaction – This template is used for forms which displays data for entities which have child records associated with it. In other words, if the data being displayed is header-lines type in nature, use this template. Example, Sales orders, Purchase orders etc. If you look at the style property of SalesTable, VendTable, their properties will be set to DetailsFormTransaction.

SimpleListDetails – This template is used to display primary fields in a list and detailed data in a tab page. This style is useful to view all records in a form and selecting a particular record will bring up their details. Example, MainAccount

SimpleList – This template is a very basic form which displays data in a grid. No extra or fancy detail is displayed. This style is best suited for forms where data being shown is not very detailed in nature or has limited fields. Example, AifAction.

TableOfContents – This template is the new style which should be adopted for all parameter forms in Dynamics AX 2012. Take a look at any parameters form and its style property will be set to TableOfContents. This style sets all the tabs as a hot link in the left hand side navigation pane. Clicking on the link will bring up the controls on that tab page. This style is a very neat and appealing UI design which is surely welcome.

Dialog – This template is used on forms which shows static data or are intended to capture some user input for further actions. These forms are mostly modal in nature and should be dismissed before any further actions can be taken.

DropDialog – This template is used for forms that are used to gather quick user inputs to perform an action. Drop dialog forms are generally attached to an action pane button. They appear to be dropping from the menu button when clicked.


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