Dimension values from Ledger Dimension

Below code will get you the Default Dimension by passing the Ledger Dimension

public str getBusinessUnit(RecId _ledgerDimension)

// DimensionAttributeValueCombination stores the combinations of dimension values
// Any tables that uses dimension combinations for main account and dimensions
// Has a reference to this table’s recid
DimensionAttributeValueCombination dimAttrValueComb;
//GeneralJournalAccountEntry is one such tables that refrences DimensionAttributeValueCombination
GeneralJournalAccountEntry gjAccEntry;
// Class Dimension storage is used to store and manipulate the values of combination
DimensionStorage dimensionStorage;
// Class DimensionStorageSegment will get specfic segments based on hierarchies
DimensionStorageSegment segment;
int segmentCount, segmentIndex;
int hierarchyCount, hierarchyIndex;
str segmentName, segmentDescription;
SysDim segmentValue;

dimAttrValueComb = DimensionAttributeValueCombination::find(_ledgerDimension);

// Get dimension storage
dimensionStorage = DimensionStorage::findById(_ledgerDimension);
if (dimensionStorage == null)
throw error("@SYS83964");

// Get hierarchy count
hierarchyCount = dimensionStorage.hierarchyCount();
//Loop through hierarchies to get individual segments
for(hierarchyIndex = 1; hierarchyIndex <= hierarchyCount; hierarchyIndex++)

//Get segment count for hierarchy
segmentCount = dimensionStorage.segmentCountForHierarchy(hierarchyIndex);

//Loop through segments and display required values
for (segmentIndex = 1; segmentIndex <= segmentCount; segmentIndex++)
// Get segment
segment = dimensionStorage.getSegmentForHierarchy(hierarchyIndex, segmentIndex);

// Get the segment information
if (segment.parmDimensionAttributeValueId() != 0)
// Get segment name
segmentName = DimensionAttribute::find(DimensionAttributeValue::find(segment.parmDimensionAttributeValueId()).DimensionAttribute).Name;
//Get segment value (id of the dimension)
segmentValue = segment.parmDisplayValue();
if(segmentName =="BusinessUnit")            //Give the Dimension Name to that Dimension Value
return segmentValue;
return "";

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