Read \ Import data from XML

Below code snippet is to Read \ Import data from XML File to AX

class ImportDataFromXmlFile

public static void main(Args _args)
    XmlDocument doc;
    XmlNodeList data;
    XmlElement nodeTable;
    XmlElement nodeAccount;
    XmlElement nodeName;
    Table6 tab;
    doc = XmlDocument::newFile(#filename);
    data = doc.selectNodes('//'+tableStr(Table6));
    nodeTable = data.nextNode();

    while (nodeTable)
            nodeAccount = nodeTable.selectSingleNode(fieldStr(Table6, Id));
            nodeName = nodeTable.selectSingleNode(fieldStr(Table6, Name));
            tab.Id = nodeAccount.text();
            tab.Name = nodeName.text();
            info(strFmt("%1 - %2",nodeAccount.text(),nodeName.text()));

            nodeTable = data.nextNode();

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