Upload the Documents through X++

Below code is to upload the documents to AX through X++:

static void Mzk_DocUploadTest(Args _args)
    DocuRef docuRef;
    DocuActionArchive archive;
    CustTable _custtable;
    str _name;
    select RecId from _custtable where _custtable.AccountNum =="MTSP-000001";
    if (_custtable!=null)
            docuRef.RefRecId = _custtable.RecId;
            docuRef.RefTableId = tableNum("custtable");
            docuRef.RefCompanyId = curext();
            docuRef.Name = _name;
            docuRef.TypeId = 'File';
            archive = new DocuActionArchive();
            archive.add(docuRef, _name);


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