In Ax upgradations we might get some DB synchronization issue like below errors:

Error :

Cannot select  a record in Global address book(some table name)

Sql error description: Invalid column name ‘XXXX’(some field name)

Below are the steps to follow:

–Step 1. To create a temptable and pass all records into temptable

SELECT * INTO DirPartyTable_Temp FROM DirPartyTable


–Step 2. Deleting the Main table

DROP TABLE DirPartyTable


–Step 3. Your Main table will get recreated after DB Sync

—perform you DB synchronization from AOT


–Step 4. Import data from DirPartyTable_Temp to DirPartyTable


SELECT * FROM DirPartyTable_Temp

If you face any error here like fields count is not matching then check some new fields are added in to Main table create same fields in temp table and run the above code again.


–Step 5. Drop your temp table created at stage 1.

DROP TABLE DirPartyTable_Temp

perform you DB synchronization from AOT