Wanna add dimensions to your own form\Add dimensions to existing form

Hi Floks, Today I just want to give you a small code snippets to add Dimensions to your new form or adding them into Ax existing form:

Step 1:

Add a tab/group to your form, let us consider tab\group name is Dimensions

Step 2:

Give appropriate properties to you tab\group in the form Like: Auto Declaration, Data source, Columns, Hide If Empty

Step 3:

Add below lines of code into init() of your form after the super()

dimensionDefaultingController = DimensionDefaultingController::constructInTabWithValues(true,true, true,0,this, Dimensions, "@SYS138487");//Use it for Tab
dimensionDefaultingController = DimensionDefaultingController::constructInGroupWithValues(true,true, true,0,this, Dimensions, "@SYS138487");//Use it for Group
dimensionDefaultingController.parmAttributeValueSetDataSource(prodTable_ds, fieldStr(ProdTable, DefaultDimension));



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