D365 for Power Apps : POC

Requirement: Create and Edit the customer groups on a simple mobile Power app.

Prerequisite :
1) Mobile device with Internet
2) Login for Power App website  and D365 access.

Below steps to be followed to achieve the requirement :

Step 1: Login to Power App website with your user

Step 2: Select Dynamics 365 Phone Layout


Step 3 : In Connections tab click New Connection and select Dynamics 365 for Operations


Step 4 : Click Create Button


Step 5 : In Next screen It will show you all the data-set’s which you have access, select a appropriate data-set


Step 6: Choose a table you want to use in your App and click Connect


Step 7 : App screens are created and will be shown to you


Step 8 : Click File and save as and then Name your app and slick save
You can save app to cloud as well as in your PC.


Step 9 : You are done with your part of basic development in Power App web site.
Download the Power app from play store.

Step 10 : Login with the same credentials in you app, and you can see the App created in your  Power App website on your mobile PowerApps.


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